Sights Unseen
Aug 14, 2018 12:00 PM
Kelly Broome
Sights Unseen

SightsUnseen's mission is to put glasses on the faces of those in need. We see vision as the cornerstone for education, training, employment and opportunity for all peoples and the ability to clearly see the world allows people to realize Sights Unseen.

Our vison at SightsUnseen is to provide eye glasses to the people of the developing world that do not have access to eye care or the ability to purchase prescription glasses. Our focus is on providing basic eyewear that can be rapidly adjusted to the individual, is sturdy and reliable, and inexpensive.

We provide stand-alone, teaming and support capabilities to reach countries in the developing world where there is a need. SightsUnseen conducts fundraising and works directly with international, governmental and corporate sponsors to procure and deliver glasses worldwide.