Jul 31, 2018 12:00 PM
Dirk Weisiger
Leave Tomorrow

Dirk is a keynote speaker who enjoys speaking with all groups about his solo motorcycle trek from Austin, Texas to the tip of South America. Leave Tomorrow is a motivational program that will leave attendees inspired to take on new adventures or endeavors in their own life or professional career. Dirk is an experienced speaker who has been speaking about long term insurance for over 25 years through his insurance company, Summit Long Term Care. He decided to "live his movie" and took a chance on his newest project as author of Leave Tomorrow. His journey to the bottom of the world has opened doors for Dirk to speak about his travels and share his stories with all audiences. Leave Tomorrow was published in October 2017 and Dirk has gradually been gaining momentum in sharing his journey and building his new brand since October. During his time in Nicaragua, he stumbled upon a cause in Managua, Nicaragua and a portion of the proceeds from his book sales go back to Colegio Bautista to help fund the tuition for the students attending the private school.